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#HasbroIntern: Round 2

Working as a product designer at Hasbro was my dream job ever since I started my degree in Industrial Design at BYU. I had an amazing time interning on the Pre-School gaming team and loved the tight-knit feel of the team and the enthusiasm for designing hilarious new game experiences. I spent my spare time while I was there meeting with various designers and design directors to see where else my skills and experience might be suited within the company. I was pointed towards an opening on the Burbank Action Brands design team that seemed to be a perfect fit. Working on the Burbank team has been an incredible opportunity with the recent acquisition of Power Rangers and the collaboration with Overwatch. I was surprised how much experience was packed into this second internship: I worked on role play weapons, premium action figures, RC vehicles, quirky collectables, packaging, and even directing concept development with outside vendors. I think that is what I find so appealing about Hasbro is that within the same company there is no limit to the experiences you can have and the things you can create!

Ryan, Brigham Young University

Design Intern- Action Brands