“I’ve wanted to work at Hasbro since I was a little kid”  | Internship at Hasbro

“I’ve wanted to work at Hasbro since I was a little kid”

I’ve wanted to work at Hasbro since I was a little kid. I remember playing games like Battleship and Monopoly with my family and having Nerf wars with my little brother and friends. We all appreciated the quality of Hasbro’s products, as even after many hours of play the toys still work and look like new.

I have always enjoyed learning the inner workings and mechanics of everything in my life. Some of the first things I took apart to reverse engineer as a kid were Nerf Blasters and Star Wars ships, helping to spark my interest in engineering. Beginning by disassembling toys and progressing to repairing cars, I found my passion for mechanical things and made my choice to become a Mechanical Engineer.

In high school, I gained an appreciation for 3D modelling, working with programs like Inventor and SolidWorks. From there, I began to get into 3D printing, first with FDM printers that heat plastic filament, then onto SLA printers shooting lasers into resin. I greatly enjoy working with the many high-level additive manufacturing printers here at Hasbro and look forward to learning more about the Rapid Prototyping process!

Mikey- Rapid Prototyping Tech Intern

Wentworth Institute of Technology

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