A Dream Come True | Internship at Hasbro

A Dream Come True

Never in a million years did I think I would intern at Hasbro. In fact, I even said that to myself when I first applied to the position online. I was applying left and right, trying to find a summer internship before my senior year of college. I remember telling my mother that I applied, telling her, “It’s never going to happen, but why not?”

I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’ve been with Hasbro for almost a full year now and I am loving every second of it. The job I never thought I would land has been everything I could have wished for and more. As a super fan and child at heart, I knew there couldn’t be a better fit for me than at Hasbro. Knowing that what I do at work in some way (big or small) helps make the world a better place for children and their families brings myself the utmost joy.

I believe that everyone needs to find a job they are utterly passionate about, despite whether they work there or not. With Hasbro, I’ve found that. I would have always been a fan of the toys and games the company produces but after working here, I have an even deeper and profound connection with them. Hasbro is no longer just a collection of products and entertainment I enjoy; it is a fundamental part of my life.

Working at Hasbro has been my first experience into the corporate world and the transition has been seamless. I mean, how could I not feel comfortable at a desk surrounded by tons of awesome toys? Every day that I go into work (which is now my kitchen), I think about how lucky I am.

I have my team to thank for such an amazing start to my professional career. #TeamAwesome has provided me with constant support and guidance, helping me become not only a better employee – but an even better person. From them I have learned what it takes to be successful in the professional world and in life. When I think of Hasbro, I think of big smiles, loud laughs, and tons of joy. #TeamAwesome embodies that to a tee, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

After a year of working hard and enjoying every moment, that sense of doubt I had in myself when I applied to the job is completely gone. In fact, it left me pretty quickly. Right after my first day, actually. As soon as I stepped foot in NPA 1027, I felt like I belonged. Not long after, I realized that I am capable. When I think back to the day I applied and how much has changed since then, I can’t help but shake my head and laugh at how silly I was. I found my confidence here, and I encourage any prospective or current intern to do the same. Never doubt yourself. It doesn’t matter where you came from, you’re capable. Once you realize that… trust me, others will too.

Dylan, Global Communications Intern

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth