I Wanted to Be Different | Internship at Hasbro

I Wanted to Be Different

I wanted to be extremely productive the summer before my senior year at the University of Southern California. In order to truly gain knowledge in my area of study, public relations, it was important to me that I worked at an organization that reached audiences of all different ages.

Growing up and attending college in Los Angeles, CA, many of my peers studying public relations/communications went the typical LA-industry route; working strictly at a film or music company. For some, they quickly realized that environment was not for them. I wanted to be different, and work somewhere that promoted diversity utilizing multiple platforms and reaching many different demographics. For me, I appreciate how Hasbro can fall under numerous categories, whether that be consumer goods, entertainment or an experience- based company.

On the first day of my internship, I felt incredibly welcomed the minute I saw my name engraved on a sign that was placed in front of my department’s area. I knew my presence, voice and time meant a lot to those around me.

Since the beginning of my internship, I have worked on numerous brands including My Little Pony, Disney Princess, Power Rangers, Transformers, etc. I am thrilled to be able to contribute towards the team’s current and future publicity/marketing campaigns and that they appreciate my insights. On top of that, I enjoy how my manager makes a strong effort to arrange meetings for me to learn from other employees in a variety of departments. I discovered numerous jobs and divisions that I had no idea existed!

The opportunities are limitless at Hasbro!

Amanda, Brand Publicity Intern

University of Southern California