A Picture Worth a Thousand Words | Internship at Hasbro

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

I have many great memories from the past six weeks of my internship here at Hasbro, but one of my favorites occurred on my very first day. It’s not so much a memory as it is a quote that perfectly describes the people, the environment, and the overall emotion of this company.

As I was sitting down to take my dreaded badge photo (I say dreaded because I am terribly unphotogenic), a thought occurred: “is this one of those photos where I have to be serious and can’t smile or show any sort of emotion on my face?” Stupidly, I decided to blurt out this question, verbatim, without even thinking of where I was or who I was talking to. Without a skip of a beat, the photographer responded, “you work at a toy company, I would hope that you would smile!” I didn’t know it in the moment, but this would be a quote/moment that would stay with me throughout my time at Hasbro. It’s a quote that, whenever I am sad or stressed at work, I repeat in my head and automatically feel better. It’s a quote that describes the sentiment of not the minority of workers here, but the entirety of the employee population. Every time I look down at my not-so-attractive badge picture, I see my beaming smile and remember just how happy I am to be in my dream role at my dream company.

So, to all the new interns who don’t know what they’re getting themselves into, just remember to smile

Emma, Global Consumer Insights MBA Co-op

Northeastern University