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And I’m back!

My name is Eli and a couple weeks ago, I started my second co-op at Hasbro. I wanted to do a second co-op at Hasbro mainly due to my love of toys, and I’m very glad I had the opportunity to return. I was also impressed with the breadth of work experiences that I had exposure to during my first time here, and I knew that a second semester at Hasbro would serve me well for my final co-op session.

My first team was Kids Gaming, and my current team is Imbedded Innovation. I enjoyed Kids Gaming due to the overall product development culture/process in the gaming department. My favorite thing about it was the heavy focus on early model making, but I also did lots of sketching and attended 1 or 2 brainstorms per day. Overall, this team was great practice for what real design jobs are like as opposed to other companies I have worked for where my work was different from that of the full-time designers.

I’ve been on the Imbedded Innovation team for two weeks, and I can already tell it’s going to be a great semester. This team’s development process includes everything I liked about gaming, but this team works more like a consultancy. This means everyone on the team has a high degree of creative freedom, and I get to work on projects for multiple brands and come up with unique solutions for them, as well as work on my own ideas that could eventually be pitched to the relevant teams. Also, everyone I have worked with on both teams has been very friendly and shown to care about my progress as a designer, not to mention they all share my love of toys!

Eli, University of Cincinnati

Design Co-op- Imbedded Innovation

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