Applying science to business at Hasbro | Internship at Hasbro

Applying science to business at Hasbro

For me, science has always fit perfectly with my interests, so when applying to college, Penn State’s Science BS/MBA program gave me everything that I had ever wanted. Surrounding myself with others who were also driven by science, it was apparent that learning about science was much more than the material and facts provided. Science teaches students to see patterns. Science teaches students to question surface level statements to understand the methods and processes behind everything. Science teaches students how to break things down, so that we can rebuild them systemically better. Science is a mindset.

With that being said, I believe that science can be applied to any environment to add a different, creative perspective, and the Science BS/MBA program has set me up to discover ways to apply science to business environments. While accepting my offer to Hasbro’s Global Planning Co-Op, I understood that this was my first opportunity to prove my background could add value to my part in Hasbro’s success in the business world.

During my first day at Hasbro, while introducing myself to the team and explaining my academic path, it was apparent that the team thought it was unique that I could find my way into supply chain while spending my past years learning about chemistry and working in scientific labs. The Senior Vice President of Global Planning and Logistics listened to my introduction to the team, and before getting to explain my major, he stopped me and explained that he, as well, had a background in science, as he went to grad school for biomedical engineering. He explained that he saw business, like a lot of things, as an applied science, and I could not have agreed more. As he has taken on his new role, he has emphasized the use of data and systems into the department, which is a new concept for the team, but everyone has emphasized how beneficial these analytical implementations have been to reaching goals. Ramesh has exemplified my theory of a wholistic use of science, and I will continue to use my studies to be creative with the opportunities and tasks during my time at Hasbro.

Emilee- Global Supply Chain Co-op

Pennsylvania State University