Applying the design process | Interns at hasbro

Applying the design process

While here at Hasbro, I have picked up many skills and tricks of the trade. The one that sticks out to me the most is to look at the design process. This process is defining a problem, collecting information, brainstorming and analyzing ideas, developing solutions and models, getting feedback from others, and finally improving your design, with the option to go back to the beginning. This is a way to look at the whole process and take it step by step. This allows someone to take a big task and break it up into manageable chunks. It has become clear to me that it can be a never-ending process, but if you work hard in the beginning stages it can save you a lot of time later from doing revisions. This has especially helped me overcome obstacles during developing solutions and models phase, as it has allowed me to have more complete models in my first attempt. My team has helped me through this process with realizing the difficulties of certain designs, as well as helping me come up with different approaches to them. The design process is not new, but my manager and my team have helped me to apply it firsthand. My new insights into this process has allowed me to tackle the task that I am given with the capability and confidence to get the job done.

Jay, Design Engineering Intern- Nerf

Calvin College