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Hey guys this is Skye! I'm the 2020 Fall Co-op for Kids Gaming!

I was quite happy when I saw the internship was virtual at first, since it's dangerous to get outside and meet people, but then I got a lot of problems with the IT setting up. Thanks to the IT helpdesk though they are helpful and well set up. And then the next problem is for product design, I need to do mock-ups for ideations, but there's no shop or materials available at home. I started to collect the Amazon boxes and cut them up. For the incoming virtual interns: save your boxes from now, they are your new best friends :) However, there are also good things about working at home. It's so easy to switch between meetings, and there's nobody staring at me when I'm working. The bed is 2 meters away from me, so I saved a lot of time from transportation.

My friends always say that the internship in big companies are unnecessary, since nobody will really give your actual projects and use your idea, that's not true in Hasbro. My first project starts on my second day. The mission was to rebrand a Hasbro Classic game, and it’s a real project. My manager Pat is also working on this and he tried to show me everything about the project to catch me up. Pat is super smart and understand all my concepts (which is hard sometimes to explain the rules and gameplay), and really gives me detailed notes that inspired me a lot. I got so excited that I made a song on guitar for the Classic Concept XD. In addition, he trusted me and let me do one of the design directions and brought one of my ideas to the new gameplay! He also sent me to other designers in the team to help with other cool games.

Anyways, although everything is on the right track for the virtual working, now I really wish to go work physically to playtest some of the toys! End with my post on Instagram: "I'm working on a crazily cool boardgame that I wanna show off on Instagram, but I cannot cuz it's Hasbro's secret so thank you for reading this nonsense!" Shout out to Pat and the Kids Gaming team, as well as all the co-ops you guys are awesome!

Skye Lou

ArtCenter College of Design