At Hasbro, I found the comfort I was seeking to be myself |  Internship at Hasbro

“At Hasbro, I found the comfort I was seeking to be myself”

Being a senior in mechanical engineering, I’ve come to find myself often reflecting on how my personality type would fit into the dynamic of the typical engineering firm. And honestly, for a while this reflection made me worried that I have chosen the wrong major. I consider myself to have a lighthearted and silly personality type and after spending my last summer interning at an aviation corporation, I concluded that I cannot spend most of my days in an environment that values professionalism to such an extent that I had to restrict myself from being who I am. At first, I thought maybe it’s just first week’s nerves and after a couple weeks I will loosen up and feel more comfortable to be myself, except I continued to feel just as rigid as the day I started because that was the dynamic of the company. This left me entering my senior year desperately seeking another internship experience with a company I felt had similar values as mine and knowing who I am, I felt Hasbro was the perfect place to intern.

At Hasbro, I found the comfort I was seeking to be myself instantly. Some mornings when I walk into my department, the first thing I hear to start my day is laughter from co-workers and it’s such a relief knowing I’m in an environment with people who have a similar personality type as me and share the same values as I do. Even the random silly remarks that are declared loud enough to overhear from my desk brighten up my day. I believe that the dynamic between coworkers should be comfortable and fun in order to get creativity flowing and get the best ideas out there. From what I’ve experienced so far, Hasbro does this perfectly. With all that said, I am looking forward to making fun memories with my team in the next six months. :)

Cynthia, Project Engineer Co-op, Transformers Brand

Carnegie Mellon University