Dear Future Intern: This is my advice | Interns at hasbro

Dear Future Intern: This is my advice...

When I was younger, my siblings and I played with Play-Doh, Operation, and Baby Alive dolls. I then decided to apply for an internship at Hasbro because of their brand reputation. When I learned the internship would be in a virtual format, I had a sense of relief because I was concerned about being able to find housing during COVID-19 in a different state.

Before my first official day at Hasbro, the onboarding experience was terrific. I had the unique opportunity of learning Hasbro’s extensive history as a toy, entertainment, and gaming company.

This semester I had the pleasure to intern in the Global Tax Department. This was my first internship in tax, so the internship was a total learning experience for me. It was indeed a unique experience. Being on the Global Tax team, I also had the opportunity to work with colleagues in different countries.

The Hasbro culture has been excellent. Ever since my onboarding process, I have had a real feeling of the Hasbro culture. One thing I particularly enjoy is the flexibility in the work hours. Currently, I am a full-time student while also interning, so I am constantly reminded that I could do so any time I need to switch workdays or times. So, I would say the three words that come to mind about Hasbro’s culture are optimistic, flexible, and amicable.

If you are a future intern reading this, my advice would be to be comfortable stepping outside of the comfort zone. By that, I mean ask questions (tons of questions) and be content with trying new things. Whether if you are taking on a new assignment or project, be inquisitive. Being curious can lead to more opportunities and areas of growth.

Name: Kara Cunningham

School: Hampton University

Department: Global Tax