Ethan’s Advice for Future Co-op’s | Internship at Hasbro

Ethan’s Advice for Future Co-op’s

Hey! I’m Ethan, a third year at Northeastern University, studying Mechanical Engineering. When I began my search for a second co-op, I knew I wanted to intern at a place where work didn’t just feel like work. That’s why I applied for a position at Hasbro, a name I’ve known since I can remember playing board games like Candyland with my family. When I was offered a position in the Games division supporting Project Engineering, I knew it would be a unique, exciting experience, but I didn’t quite know what to expect from it all.

After six months in this role, I can say that it was everything I imagined and more. Each day brought something new, whether it was meeting another team member or playtesting a potential product or working through cost reduction efforts. Some days it felt like there just wasn’t enough time in my schedule to possibly get through every project and meeting, but other days I was left to my own devices, hunting for work or new connections. Every day was a little bit different, and that’s what made this job so interesting.

One big piece of advice I have for future co-ops: don’t be afraid to speak up. Ask for side projects! Schedule one-on-ones with new team members! Share your cool new product ideas! Hasbro is a meeting- and people-focused work environment, where a lot of discussion and collaboration happens in a group setting. You’ll have more than enough opportunities to be heard, so take advantage of that!

Finally, a huge thanks to my manager, Adam, for being a great mentor and teammate. Your manager is a fantastic resource for all things Hasbro, so keep yourselves connected and ask questions whenever you need clarity on something. Also, a big shoutout to Hasbro in general for promoting an inclusive, diverse workplace where everyone can feel accepted and valued. I can’t recommend Hasbro enough if you’re considering a co-op here!