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Greetings From a Year Up Intern

Hello! My name is Yan Carlos Velasquez, and I am a Year Up intern working in University Relations and Recruiting at Hasbro. In my role as a University Relations Coordinator, I support the backend onboarding for all new intern and co-op hires and help to coordinate events with other interns and co-ops such as lunch and learn sessions and philanthropy activities.

As a student of Year Up, we are required to take a six-month internship with a partner company of their choosing based on our interests and skill sets. Before I knew I where I was going to be interning, I was nervous and anxious. While I was hopeful to have an opportunity to intern with Hasbro, I had no idea where I was going to end up as Year Up does not tell you ahead of time. The reason I was hopeful for an opportunity to work at Hasbro is because when I was a kid, I used to buy a lot of TRANSFORMERS toys as they were my favorite. I would watch all the TRANSFORMERS tv shows day and night and play the TRANSFORMERS video games. I always smiled whenever I would hear anything TRANSFORMERS related. The happiness I got from the brand is something I’ll remember forever. I want to be able to help make other kids happy like I was and help make the world a happier place overall. It seems like Hasbro does that.

When Year Up finally announced to me that I was going to be interning at Hasbro, I was so happy and excited. I just started interning here a week ago and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me!

Yan Carlos Velasquez, University Relations Coordinator: Year Up