Grow up to be a kid- Internship at Hasbro |  Internship at Hasbro

Grow up to be a kid- Internship at Hasbro

Before entering Hasbro, I have never thought being an intern here would be such a fun yet meaningful experience. Hasbro provided me a very refreshing and warm atmosphere to sharpen my professional technical skills. The energetic and friendly atmosphere encourages me to actively engage in more and learn from the assigned tasks.

I must give a special thanks to the Action Brands Team who support me in every aspect. From technical, I have my mentor and director providing me with professional engineering skills and mindsets while my senior director connects me with different persons from various backgrounds.

Throughout my internship, every colleague or even vendor as well try their very best on supporting the interns’ activities. The delightful and adventurous working environment is definitely one of the key factors leading Hasbro to be one of the top toy companies and this with no doubt has to do with the people who are part of this Hasbro family.

To conclude this internship, the most valuable mindset I have gained from Hasbro is that the toy industry is fast paced and ever changing. Hasbro also continues to change and reshape the way they create and operate. Through this, we reminded ourselves to be lifelong learners. Only by continuously adapting and changing could we lead ourselves to a more prosperous future.

Again, thank you Hasbro, this is truly a meaning and fruitful experience you provided me just as you provide to this world!

Kerwin, Hong Kong University

Engineering Intern- Hasbro Hong Kong