Hasbro: My first office job |  Internship at Hasbro

Hasbro: My first office job

During my first few days here at Hasbro, I have consistently been awed by the talented people that I get to work with and by the inviting culture and fun people on my team in the iPlay department. Being my first experience in an office environment, the beginning was daunting, but with the help of my co-op manager and others on my team, I am much more at ease and excited when I get to come to work. When first introduced to my new coworkers, I was immediately greeted with friendliness and helpfulness, with none too few jokes being cracked. The environment here at Hasbro is a refreshing break from college work, culture, and schedules. During my time here at Hasbro and iPlay, I am looking forward to developing my personal skills as a designer and expanding my knowledge about both the company itself and the toy industry as a whole. I look forward to all the exciting new projects I get to work on and the opportunity to challenge myself throughout this process. I cannot wait to see what surprises and growth await me in the future.

Jeremiah, University of Cincinnati, DAAP

Product Design Co-op- iPlay