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Hasbro: My summer internship

As an MBA student with a focus on brand marketing, I chose to intern at Hasbro because it is competitively positioned in an exciting industry where I can gain experience that will help me grow into my career as a marketer. This is also a fantastic opportunity to work on the iconic brands that I grew up playing with as a child. It is important to me that my work be on something I feel passionate about and what could be more rewarding than making a product that will create so much joy and cherished memories?

As someone who is excited by the challenges of a changing industry, I want to be part of a company that is focused on where that industry is going. Having always had ties to entertainment industry, especially with the growth of Allspark Studios, Hasbro is uniquely positioned as entertainment and digital media are becoming key to staying ahead of changing trends and consumer preferences.

In my opinion, toys are an exciting space to be in as a young marketer because it is at the intersection of so many other industries. This business encompasses aspects of consumer-packaged goods, retail, entertainment, fashion, and technology. Gaining insight into all these areas will give me a well-rounded experience and the flexibility to excel in many different career paths.

This summer I am focusing on honing my analytical skill set and gaining a deeper understanding of the role of a marketer. Coming from a design background, I am excited to implement the analytical skills I gained during the first year of my MBA program. I have already had the chance to use concepts from my marketing and operations classes.

It’s only my second week at Hasbro and already I am learning so much. My team has been incredibly welcoming and everyone I meet goes out of their way to get me up to speed on the projects I’m assigned to. I feel so lucky to be here and I am certain that this will be both a fun and informative summer that will help launch me into a successful career.

Ally, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Intern on Disney Global Brand Team

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