Hasbro: Somewhere you enjoy working |  Internship at Hasbro

Hasbro: Somewhere you enjoy working

In this few weeks, Hasbro gave me a wonderful and practical internship experience.

Since the first week in Hasbro, the working environment in the office impressed me with its harmonious atmosphere and interactions between colleagues. It was also good to see the passion of staff in Hasbro in their work. In addition, Hasbro showed their value on work-life balance by organizing workshops and activities besides work, which I feel encourages staff to enjoy life and work in Hasbro. I believe this is the reason Hasbro can provide such innovative and high-quality playing experience to customers as the company respect and value the people working in it.

To me, the best part working in Hasbro as a design intern is that I know I am truly participating in the design projects that might become an actual product in the future. This also let me feel the trust from my mentors and colleagues. I learned much about design thinking, how to be creative, openminded and generate innovative concepts. This could doubtlessly be beneficial to my design career.

During the internship, Hasbro arranged activities related to the toy industry, such as factory visits, meet & learn sessions, charity events and more. These helped me to have a better understanding of my work, gain useful reference for my career planning, and to know the responsibility of being a toy designer. Knowing more about toy making through Hasbro also increased my interest in joining the industry in the future.

I really appreciate the guidance and support from my mentor and colleagues, and this precious internship from Hasbro, I hope one day I will have the opportunity to make more contribution in Hasbro.

Jordan, Hong Kong Design Institute

Design Intern- Hasbro Hong Kong