Hasbro is the opposite of intimidating…it’s inviting |  Internship at Hasbro

Hasbro is the opposite of intimidating…it’s inviting

Remember play time as a kid when you’d run around in a world full of adventure? You were full of creativity and bad ideas weren’t labeled, they were used as building blocks for your next idea. At Hasbro we encourage each other to present ideas, no matter how wild they may be. From white board walls to coloring mats on tables, you could say it’s a truly collaborative space.

At Hasbro we work together to develop new trends and as an intern I was able to join a concept debut. I worked with a group of interns to present a new product idea to rejuvenate one of Hasbro’s brands. Through this experience I learned a lot about the process of taking a concept all the way to the store shelf. As the project developed co-workers from a variety of disciplines helped us to refine our ideas to make the project a success.

As I began my preparation to depart Hasbro I began thinking, what’s next for me? Using Hasbro’s generous open-door policy, I reached out to a Sr. Director of Engineering, whom I had not yet met, to ask for advice. A fifteen-minute coffee break turned into an hour and a half conversation. This individual helped me immensely in revaluating my roadmap to reach my long-term goals.

So, if you’re considering Hasbro in the future, I’d recommend that you join the inviting community, share your ideas, and be a kid again.

Bradley, UMass, Lowell

RP Tech Intern

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