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How I made the most out of my #HasbroInternship

Throughout the summer I have been working as a Global Communications Intern, primarily working on creating a process for our costume character program and planning branded events. I have learned a lot about Hasbro and its iconic brands, such as Transformers and My Little Pony, but also what it takes to create a process from the ground-up.

During my time here and at prior internships, I have learned key takeaways on how to have the best internship experiences. Some tips for future interns and those who want a greater experience:

  • Network, network, network!! Don’t be afraid to reach out to other departments and ask your team/manager for contacts.
  • Ask other interns to grab coffees and lunch. Make friends!
  • Ask for a project that you can take the lead on if you are not originally assigned one.
  • Use your voice during meetings. (May be the scariest thing to do, but it builds confidence and no questions or suggestions are dumb!)
  • Go to as many meetings and events as you can.

These are easier said than done and I too struggle putting myself out there, but I can say this internship has definitely helped me build confidence.

By attending branded events (and helping to plan them), I have created some great memories. My favorite one was the Magic: The Gathering 25th Anniversary Party that included cosplayers. Cosplay is when people dress up like their favorite characters. I had to do some research on this prior to the event as I was unsure of what cosplay was beforehand, but the costumes were so fun, and the people really brought the brand to life. I even participated in a photo op. This has given me a new perspective towards the activities that take place with Magic and other fan brands and not something I will soon forget.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to work at Hasbro this summer and have had so much fun learning and trying new things!

Nicolle, Roger Williams University

Intern with Global Communications