How I spent my days as a #HasbroIntern |  Internship at Hasbro

How I spent my days as a #HasbroIntern

Having worked at Hasbro since the beginning of January, I can safely say that completing my first co-op here has been a unique and rewarding experience. As an upcoming 3rd year at Northeastern University, I also know that it’s easy to get absorbed solely into classes. Co-oping at Hasbro has shown me that there is knowledge and learning beyond the classroom.

Hasbro is a large and popular company and is a leader in the toy industry on a global scale. As a result, its product development process is undoubtedly extensive. Furthermore, individuals from a variety of different backgrounds can easily find a place in this collaborative process based on their interests and fields of study. I am an upcoming 3rd year Mechanical Engineering Major at Northeastern University, and I found my place in the Integrated Play Department (iPlay) here at Hasbro.

On the iPlay team, our mission is to continuously push the boundaries of technology in play to create innovative and unprecedented experiences. For example, one of the projects I supported during my time here was HERO VISION IRON MAN AR EXPERIENCE. This is a role play experience, enhanced by Augmented Reality that lets the consumer pretend to battle like Iron Man virtually in a first-person point of view. Another project I worked on was DropMix, a fast-paced and exciting music-mixing game. Players can create different mixes with a variety of stems and tracks loaded onto the included and purchasable cards. They play these cards onto a Bluetooth board, and can change the speed and pitch on the corresponding app. I believe that the advanced technology behind these products will definitely shape the future of play for all generations.

The past 6 months have been challenging and insightful, and I am excited to see what Hasbro creates in the future!

Ananya, Northeastern University

Co-op in Integrated Play