I always get support at Hasbro | Internship at Hasbro

I always get support at Hasbro!

Hi everyone,

My name is Yanru Zhang. I’m an international student that came from China. I’m currently studying Finance and Accounting major in Northeastern University. In Hasbro, my co-op position is working with Global Finance Operation team. I have three awesome colleagues in the RI office.

The reason why I chose to come to Hasbro for my Co-op is because Hasbro is a world well-known play and entertainment company!

The first week worked in Hasbro I felt very happy! People in Hasbro are very friendly and warm, make me feel grateful to come to my work every morning. I love to work with my team, working in a global role, I’m growing my knowledge every day. We have two other team members in London. At the beginning it was a challenge for me to understand their British accent during our meeting, but now I got used to it. During my work, I always can get support from my team. They always have the time to answer my questions and explain to me very clearly. I’ve also made good friendships with colleagues in the Treasury department because our office is so close to each other, sometimes we will schedule a lunch time and talk about what they do in their job position.

I love to work in Hasbro! I think most important thing that Hasbro does right is treating everybody equally. I feel I have been treated very equally as a co-op student. At the beginning of my co-op, my colleague told me, co-op position is a good opportunity for me to understand each different teams in the finance department, it is important for me to find out which part of finance I like to do, so he helped me scheduled meeting with other teams, showed me what do they do, how their team’s work connect to our team. This part of company culture is very awesome. They treat co-op students as an important part in Hasbro.

So far, I have been working in Hasbro for three months. I felt myself become more confident in social network, a better communicator to interact with my colleagues. Gained professional knowledge in Corporate finance world. Specially working from home with my team during quarantine, made my co-op experience become more valuable memory in my life.

For the new interns, I will suggest to them to make more connections with other people except from their team, because this will help them to have a bigger picture about their work. Please do not afraid to ask wrong questions or feel disappoint about yourself. This is a pathway every new employee needs to come over, quickly get your positive energy back, and keep learning catch up with other professional workers.

Best Regard,

Yanru Zhang- Global Finance Operations Co-op

Northeastern University