Hasbro Intern: Preparing for the future |  Internship at Hasbro

Hasbro Intern: Preparing for the future

Being an intern at Hasbro, I was given so many opportunities to create and to contribute. We were encouraged to provide opinions with our green mind. Hasbro’s mission is clear that we adapt to the new changes and it is rooted in all the staff. They are enthusiastic to help us and accept our innovative ideas with open-minds.

During the fruitful internship, I have gained so much which definitely cannot find from university or any other company. Not to mention the technical skills of work, career attitude is more crucial for us. We are young and non-experienced, but we should not underestimate our abilities and should start to explore more. My internship experiences at Hasbro have prepared me to be ready and look forward to the future.

Kristy, University of Hong Kong

Engineering Intern, Hasbro Hong Kong