Lessons I’ve learned being an intern at Hasbro Brazil |  Internship at Hasbro

Lessons I’ve learned being an intern at Hasbro Brazil

I chose Hasbro for my intern program because it’s a really nice company with a big space on the Market and who wouldn’t like to work with a happy product such as toys? During a normal day at Hasbro Brazil, I’ve learned a lot to help with my professional life. Here, an intern can apply everything that we learn at the university. Besides that, we can also have fun during our days at work, trying new products, developing new videos and marketing strategies.

I’ve been working at Hasbro since June and I already have great lessons to take with me for my whole life. A thing that I learned with my team is never get sad or discouraged if something turned out wrong. We must be always a positive person because we are learning something every day and we will have another chance to try again and make it better.

My favorite memory here comes with a big lesson too. At a big event to celebrate 35 years of My Little Pony I could see and feel how magic is the power of friendship not only in our personal lives, but also on our day by day at work! With this I can certainly say that if you are a positive person who never gives up from a challenge, then you will have an amazing experience being a Hasbro Intern all over the world.

Marcella- Marketing Intern, Hasbro Brazil

Mackenzie Presbyterian University