Lessons in Leadership | Internship at Hasbro

Lessons in leadership

Hi there, my name is Bethany! I am currently a Junior at Bryant University studying Global Supply Chain Management and Applied Analytics. Since this past January, I have been welcomed on board at Hasbro as a Co-Op in the Global Logistics department. Throughout my time here, I have been surrounded by an incredible team that has shown their dedication to my learning and professional development.

Each day I learn a new lesson from the leaders I work with. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned since starting, is that leadership is not just a title, but also one’s mindset and attitude. Great leaders are listeners and teachers who act as a catalyst for team achievements. Leaders view the success of others and their own as one in the same. Regardless of one’s title, leadership opportunities are everywhere. Whether it is taking the initiative to get involved in a new project, or even just taking time out of your day to check-in with someone, you can grow a leadership mentality. Leaders serve their team by rooting for their co-workers, being an open-ear, and driving the vision of the organization.

I have been very fortunate to sit with leaders who have shared their experiences with me, given me opportunities for learning, and made it known that they want to see me succeed in my endeavors here at Hasbro. I cannot wait to see my own leadership develop, as I continue to interact and learn with the entirety of the Hasbro network.

Bethany- Global Logistics Co-op

Bryant University