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My #Hasbrointernship

Being an Intern at Hasbro has been one of the greatest experience I have ever had in my entire life. I have learned so much – not only the technical skills, but also being able to develop my interpersonal skills. Everyone here is very friendly and welcoming! They always encourage me to be active to ask questions and support me to join the different activities outside of my own job scope. Moreover, I am assigned a very amazing mentor who is always willing to help and teach me patiently. She has shown me trust and given me real work, which makes me feel so much appreciated even though I am just an Intern for only two months. One of my favorite moment at Hasbro is joining the Internship Innovation Workshop where all the Interns from different departments gather together to brainstorm ideas. I have learned to respect everyone’s ideas and to not reject any ideas. I have also learned the importance of being an eagle who would fly and see the overall bigger picture across departments, rather than being a duck, who is so focused in its own little pond. Overall, it is a very happy Internship experience, and I am very happy and honored to being part of the Hasbro family. Thank you, Hasbro!.

Josephine, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Costing Intern, Hasbro Hong Kong