My Experience as a Project Engineering Co-op | Internship at Hasbro

My Experience as a Project Engineering Co-op

Hi, I’m Kylie a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Texas minoring in Disability Studies. I’m currently working as a Project Engineering Co-op with the Family Games Team. I knew from the time I applied for this position that it would be remote. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I applied for an internship with Hasbro. In a “normal” year, to work with Hasbro I would have to pick up my life and move to Rhode Island. Which for anyone else who has done that, you know it isn’t the easiest process in the world trying to find affordable short-term housing. But this remote environment allows me to stay in my apartment in Austin, Texas and not worry about transporting my dog across the country.

I wasn’t scared about the remote work environment; I’ve basically done a full school year online and attended conferences and student organization meetings. Basically, an online work pro right? Turns out, not exactly. It was scary. I had been thrown headfirst into a pool of meetings. I feel like I didn’t have a second to breathe and connect with my coworkers. I couldn’t walk around to coworkers’ desks and introduce myself like I would’ve typically. Coming out of my first week, I was entirely overwhelmed and didn’t understand my place at Hasbro.

I vented and confided in a friend and she encouraged me to say something. Eventually I worked up the courage and did. The second I expressed my fears and stress, everything turned around. My manager slowed our lessons down, I was given tasks that were meaningful to me, and I started to feel connected to the team. I went from feeling completely lost and hopeless to having the time of my life. I wrote this post to encourage others to speak up. It’s okay to not feel okay at first. Sometimes we need support, or even just a little reassurance.

Now coming to the last week of my internship, I reflect on my time at Hasbro as one of the best in my life. I learned so much, both about the industry and myself. I had never considered a career in toys and games, but now I really feel like this is a field I belong. I would like to commend Hasbro as a company for building a great work environment. I’ve never been at company that works so hard to be inclusive and lead workshops to understand our personal biases and empower women. To any student reading this, I highly recommend applying for a co-op with Hasbro and exploring this world. You can’t ask for a better job than toys. And you can’t even dream of better co-workers.

I’m so excited to see the games I worked on go on shelf in the next two years! World, Family Games is bringing some radical stuff your way!