My Hasbro Internship: A Spud-tacular Experience | Internship at Hasbro

My Hasbro Internship: A Spud-tacular Experience

Fun fact: there are eight Potato Head statues throughout Rhode Island and I’ve visited all of them! I’m pictured here with the “Sun Baked Potato” in Westerly :)

Hi! My name is Brooke, and I am a rising junior at Brown University studying Environmental Studies and Entrepreneurship. During my time at Hasbro, I worked in the Global Government Affairs and CSR department as a Corporate Social Responsibility intern. My experience at Hasbro taught me invaluable lessons, both professionally and personally, and I conclude my internship feeling nothing but grateful and ready to take on the world armed with the CSR, ESG, and philanthropy skills Hasbro granted me.

I began the internship with feelings of excitement and determination, but also with a bit of trepidation, as this was my first full-time internship. While the first week was overwhelming, my manager and colleagues were beyond kind and willing to help. I quickly replaced my feelings of nervousness with those of a drive to take on as many projects as I could while meeting as many other employees as possible. That would be my advice to future interns: have confidence in yourself even in the moments when it feels like you’re drinking through a firehose. All Hasbro employees are willing to act as mentors and enhance your internship experience, and you’re not expected to understand everything at once! Day by day, whether I was researching best practices for ESG disclosures or drafting a renewable content survey for suppliers, I picked up not only hard skills but soft skills as well - during this internship, there is always something to learn. If it seems like there isn’t, advocate for yourself and ask your manager for another project or two! There’s never a lack of opportunity at Hasbro for both work and play.

I feel very lucky for the opportunity Hasbro granted me through offering me an internship position and I feel especially lucky to have worked with such a welcoming and motivational team of role models and mentors. The CSR and Philanthropy teams enabled my passion and tenacity for new endeavors, allowing me to take on a multitude of diverse and educational projects – I truly could not have asked for a better first summer internship. To any future interns out there: good luck! You’re in for an amazing couple of months.