My Internship Experience as a Digital Sculptor | Internship at Hasbro

My Internship Experience as a Digital Sculptor

Hi! I'm Jim Bhak, a graduate student in the Animation Department at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I was a sculpting co-op for the Spring 2022 quarter.

I was introduced to Hasbro by my professor, who invited me to join the Hasbro Winter Workshop. I was interested in 3D Art before joining the workshop, but working with the Hasbro mentors really opened my eyes about using Zbrush for figurines and articulated figures. I learned so much! It was challenging in the best way, and I got a real appreciation for the artisanship that goes into creating these incredible figures.

After that amazing workshop, I wanted to delve deeper into the world of Hasbro and articulated figures, and so I applied for the internship for Spring 2022. I was gobsmacked when I was told that I got the internship, and kind of intimidated by the prospect of working with such amazing artists.

However once I started, any qualms I had were instantly put to rest. The Hasbro Sculpting Team couldn't have been more friendly and welcoming, and they were incredibly patient with me as they answered all of my questions and critiqued my work.

It really is the best work environment I have ever been in, where there is a lot of support and engagement, both from the senior staff and my fellow temps and co-ops. There were some great stories and pet pics shared in the weekly "Sculpting Connect" meetings, and I learned so dang much in the regular "Tips and Tricks" and "Articulation Class" sessions.

The mentors at Hasbro really taught me a lot, guiding me through so many complicated, fascinating processes, while at the same time keeping me honest about my own work and making sure I maintained a rigorous eye toward the quality of what I was creating.

My advice to new interns is to soak in as much as you can while you are at Hasbro, and contribute your two cents as well! Communication is key. Be confident that the managers and fellow interns are going support you and cheer you on as you all make Hasbro a great place to work.

Jim, Sculptor/3D Artist Co-Op

Savannah College of Art and Design