My Time as an Intern at Hasbro | Internship at Hasbro

My Time as an Intern at Hasbro

When I first heard I had been accepted for the role as an Internal Audit here at Hasbro, I was beyond thrilled, and a little scared. I had no experience in auditing or a professional job like this, but I was excited to get going. Little did I know how much fun I would have and how much I would grow over the course of the next six months.

My first week was the hardest one. There were so many new things I was learning, and I felt like the work I was doing was very important, and as if I had a role in the company, which was a proud feeling. The people around me, my team, my supervisor, and my mentor, all helped so much and were the best teachers and leaders I could ask for. I was very stressed the first couple of days, but they were there for me every step of the way and were super kind and helpful whenever I needed help. They constantly would make sure I was doing okay and took a lot of time to thoroughly explain things to me. My mentor, Katie, is who I interacted with every day, and she was amazing throughout my coop, and I got to know her very well, not just on a business level, but we had conversations all the time about anything, and it really helped me feel more comfortable and at home here at Hasbro. My supervisor, Bobby, was amazing as well, and always offered a helping hand, is an amazing person, and taught me a lot. It was weird being remote, since I only met Katie twice, and Bobby once. I also met other members of my team, Colin and Steph, twice, and although we only physically met a limited number of times, I know them very well, and will keep in touch after my coop. I felt super comfortable when I went in to meet everyone, since they are such genuine people, and the same goes for the other people I met at my time at Hasbro.

I was able to meet people working in other parts of the company and in all different positions as well through virtual coffee meetings, where we just talked about anything and got to know each other. In these meetings I really got a sense of Hasbro and the sense of family within the company. Everyone was so close, no matter their position, and there were people from all over the world. We talked about dogs, travelling, sports, experiences, and pretty much anything. We always shared a laugh, and I cannot think of a better place to start my professional career. To all the new or potential interns, at Hasbro you will feel welcomed, and you will feel like a part of a family and valued here, not just for your work, but as a person.

In terms of the work I did, I did a lot of statement and payment reviews and licensing reviews, as well as some other side projects. It was very overwhelming at first, but once I got the hang of it, it was a lot better. I got to enjoying it and loving finding any discrepancies or missing payments or incorrectly reported data. Putting together test work based on my findings, and seeing that test work being used by Katie, Bobby, or others, was a very good feeling. I remember meeting with someone from a Licensee we were working on, and we had sent him the findings I put together, and it was a proud feeling knowing I had put that together and contributed. I also learned so many new skills and habits in my time here and will certainly take these with me wherever I go.

To any new hire or intern, I would say trust the process, be open minded, and relax. It all seemed stressful at first, I felt a lot of pressure, and as if I had to be formal all the time and very serious, but then I realized that it should also be fun. You can have normal conversations, have some laughs, go get lunch with coworkers, and everyone at Hasbro is understanding of anything. My last week, I had an emergency surgery Saturday, and felt like I had to get back to work Monday, but everyone assured me even though it was my last week, I could take as much time as I need no matter what, and it was very reassuring. I was also nervous to mess up or miss something, but I realized it was okay to mess up, and it happens. It always turned into a learning moment, and that is one thing I loved about Hasbro and the people around me. They always found a way to help and teach me. I got better day after day and looking back at the progress I made throughout these six months makes me very proud. Hasbro is an amazing company, with amazing people, and there is no better place to be. I have had an amazing time here, and to any intern or new hire, enjoy it. There’s so much to learn and so many amazing people to meet, you’ll feel right at home.