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My typical day at Hasbro

As everyone might assume, working at a company like Hasbro has its benefits and perks in terms of company environment and employee personalities. With a person like me, someone who loves to joke around and laugh a lot, but also determined to contribute my best to a team, I found my home very quickly within the iPlay Department.

I moved to Pawtucket, RI to make my commute life a little easier every morning, needing only to take a 10-minute ride on my electric skateboard. I arrive at the Hasbro headquarters in Pawtucket and get a few curious stares as I carry my electric longboard to my desk. After the cold morning commute, my mug welcomes me at my desk as I go pick it up to get some drip coffee or English tea to warm myself. I settle in, drink a few sips, check my Outlook inbox for any new project updates, see what meetings I have scheduled for the day, and then view my checklist of items that I need done for each project I am concurrently working on. Usually I would either be engaged in producing CAD models for a new project, performing tests for another, or any new prompts or requests my manager would inform me of. I work continuously until around noon when everyone usually takes a lunch break. I chow down with my co-workers and have a great time listening to, usually non-relatable, stories of their mischievous kids or whatever topic seems to pop up. After lunch, we all head back to our desks, re-energized to work for the rest of the day. Occasionally I would need to enter the model shop or machine shop to pick up some 3D printed parts or continue work on the assembly of a project. Here and there I would ask questions to various people in my department about certain topics that I am curious about to get a breadth of knowledge about what everyone does or specializes in, and sometimes these questions turn into engaging lessons about snippets within the entire product development process. And often, engaging and intriguing project meetings, important to the advancement of a product, take up a couple hours of my day. All in all, by 5pm, everyone starts to get ready to head home, tired after a productive day. I layer up depending on how cold the night is and ride back home, excited to start the next day.

Oscar, iPlay Department

Northeastern University