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Okay I’m back!

I had a blog post prepped to be posted today that was written back in February. Needless to say, almost everything has changed drastically since that time. In the age of COVID-19, the world I wrote about in February has all but flipped. Close contact can be fined, the outdoors are closely monitored, and play experiences must be six feet away. My family members brace themselves for their hospital shifts with prayers. I can no longer walk across the stage come May, my living room will have to do. And the job market I have meticulously prepped four years for is fragile and frozen. It seems as if we are living in the confines of a Netflix special or simulated Sim experience. Despite the fear and uncertainty, there are silver linings everywhere especially from Hasbro.

Only essential workers are allowed to work outside, but some Hasbro employees are lucky enough to work remotely. Our new “Bring Home the Fun” campaign demonstrates that throughout all of this, escapes are essential. Our games and products have become household staples in an unprecedented way. Families, whether they like it or not, are closer now in proximity and laughter. And I am actually a part of it.

The last time I wrote about my intern experience, I was in a different department in a different season. I wrote to Brian Goldner, Hasbro’s CEO (who did I think I was?) about my amazing time interning within the HR department and I haven’t left since. Now, I’m with a new family and have even more to say.

I have changed as a writer and as a creator. I have always known that words were important, but the craft of storytelling has a new lore to it. The Brand Writers taught me that words come with rules and guidelines. They taught me that imagination is a gift that has to be used intentionally and with care. It’s surreal seeing something I wrote, like eComm for a Play-Doh product or a BotBot bio, published online. A silver lining.

During this quarantine, my career plans have all but taken a halt. But now I know in the future, I want to be part of a company that never stops trying to add value to a changing world. A company that seeks to enliven the atmosphere in which it exists. A company that puts on meaningful campaigns in a world that may feel a little hopeless. And I want to be part of a company that strives to improve their company culture in ways that addresses the identities and values of their employees.

My Brand Writing family is thoughtful and unique, and they cherish the insight of their interns. My voice has not lost significance due to my lack of experience or years in the industry. In fact, sometimes my voice is not only encouraged but it is sought out. I have to explain phrases that my friends use, some that I still don’t understand, and give insight on new trends popping up on the market. It has been gratifying to know I can still make useful contributions, especially now.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m blessed it let me stop here along the way. To future interns:

1. Network, network, network. And then do some more.

2. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas, an idea can be the catalyst to something great.

3. Bring the fun with you everywhere you go like a backpack.

Ariel Tavares- Brand Writing

Providence College

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