Packaging Engineer Co-op at Hasbro | Internship at Hasbro

Packaging Engineer Co-op at Hasbro

Hi everyone, it’s Sam again! But for those who don’t know me I’m a third year Packaging Science major at Rochester Institute of Technology and this was my second co-op here at Hasbro. I had another amazing time co-oping here again and can’t believe how fast time flew by! First, I want to thank my manager and mentor, Ryan, for giving me another great opportunity to work at Hasbro again. I’ve learned so many new things from day-to-day tasks to being creatively challenged for bigger projects.

During my last co-op, I mainly worked on the brand Play-Doh, but this time I was assigned Action Brands. Now since I already completed a co-op, the packaging department trusted me with more responsibility by allowing me to work on multiple brands such as G.I Joe, Beyblade, and Star Wars. My work entailed refreshing packaging to be plastic free, brainstorming new structure ideas, filling out packaging bill of materials, and collaborating with teams for Haslab items. I communicated with graphic designers, project managers, marketing teams, project engineers, and so many more to make sure our projects were on schedule or if any packaging specs needed to be discussed or altered. I also used Photoshop to create packouts to show to our licensers to approve for projects.

All in all, I still learned so much from this co-op even though it being my second time. I got to meet new colleagues that were so fun to work with! Thank you Hasbro and my teams for being amazing and giving me the chance to work at such an extraordinary company again!

Sam, Packaging Engineer Co-op

Rochester Institute of Technology