Pawtucket, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Virginia anymore!

Hello! My name is Jim and I’m currently pursuing my master’s in creative brand management at the VCU Brandcenter in Richmond, VA. With almost a decade of work experience under my belt, finding the right summer internship experience was really important to me. When I first heard of the MBA internship opportunity with Hasbro, I was so excited with the thought of working on some of the iconic brands that shaped my childhood. But what impressed me most about Hasbro were the people. Everyone I met throughout the interview process was so friendly, helpful, and contagiously enthusiastic about working at Hasbro. During the first week of training I heard a quote that stuck with me – “people come for the toys and stay for the people” and I couldn’t sum it up better!

The best part about working at Hasbro as a summer MBA intern is the exposure to real work. I’m working in brand management and marketing this summer supporting the adult classics line under Hasbro’s gaming division. From day one I have felt like a part of the team. The summer has been void of “busy work” and I have had the opportunity to contribute and make an impact on real projects. Analyzing industry trends & insights, brainstorming new marketing tactics, helping with new product development, and global sales forecasting have all been areas I’ve had the opportunity to explore.

In addition to the day to day work, Hasbro has an amazing network of resources and groups to help with career and personal development. I have had the opportunity to meet and network with employees in a variety of job functions. Everyone I have met this summer at Hasbro has greeted me with open arms and have been so eager to help.

The long drive from Virginia to Pawtucket has definitely been worth it!

Jim, MBA Intern in Global Brand Marketing and Development: Hasbro Gaming

Virginia Commonwealth University