Peace Out PlayDoh | Internship at Hasbro

Peace Out PlayDoh!

Hi there! My name is Andy. I’m a 2nd year industrial design student enrolled at the University of Cincinnati.

Back in August when I was applying to internships, Hasbro stood out to me. I have a HUGE love for toys, and I knew it would be better than working some boring office job and sketching door handles all day. When I got the position with the PlayDoh team, I literally could not believe it. PlayDoh is just one of those things everyone has played with before. I remember telling my friends and them saying to me “What’re you going to do all day? Play with PlayDoh?”

The tasks I was assigned were essential to the process of getting a toy to market. These tasks included sketching concepts, making toy models, testing products, creating presentations and much more. I felt like my work was appreciated and recognized by my managers.

My managers were more than understanding and encouraging. With this being my first co-op, I definitely came into this position unsure of myself. I felt shy to speak up and ask questions and I didn’t know if my skills would be good enough. My managers were more than welcoming and at meetings invited my input and appreciated it. They also had scheduled time every week to go over my work and open up a time for me to ask questions. They established a comfortable work environment and I’m so grateful for it. The PlayDoh team is like a family.

My time in the office at Hasbro was unfortunately cut short due to the COVID19 pandemic, but I’m definitely hopeful to make up that lost time with another co-op opportunity here. In this time, I’ve made some great friends, met some talented designers, and built up my design skills. Most importantly, the products and time I’ve spent here have brought thousands of children so much joy. I’m truly proud to say that I have worked here.

Andy Domanick

University of Cincinnati