Summer 2018 Interning at Hasbro | Internship at Hasbro

Summer 2018: Interning at Hasbro

For me, it’s always been important to work for an organization that is inherently good. Throughout my career I’ve worked for the U.S. federal government, the World Bank, and most recently, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). While there may not seem to be a connection between these organizations, the common denominator is that their mission statement all strive to contribute to and better society.

When I was searching for opportunities for the summer, Hasbro quickly became my top choice. Hasbro is well-known for creating toys and games that have brought people and families together for decades; however, what most inspired me to join the Hasbro family was the organization’s dedication to its community. I learned how much Hasbro strives to bring joy and happiness to families while preserving its integrity and ethical standards. In addition, I was incredibly motivated to work at an organization that truly puts philanthropy at the forefront of its business. Hasbro’s Day of Joy is one of the many aspects of Hasbro that really motivated me to join this summer. A day of giving back to the community and putting words into action is incredibly impactful.

While working at Hasbro this summer, I hope to learn all about brand management marketing and consistently challenge myself to try my hand at anything that I’m less versed in. I am fortunate enough to work on the Play-Doh brand which has made its mark on families around the world for many years. Through this internship, I will be able to better understand what goes into making certain brand decisions and how marketing in general plays a role in product development. I’m grateful to work on the U.S. marketing team where I feel that I’ll gain invaluable insight on what the day-to-day of brand management is truly like. I’m currently on my third week at Hasbro and I feel the passion and energy that employees have and put into their work daily. It goes without saying that working in an organization surrounded by toys and games is a great bonus as well!

Francesca, Babson College

Intern in U.S. Marketing – MBA Brand Marketing: Play-Doh