The challenges are worth the experience | Internship at Hasbro

The challenges are worth the experience

Since I’ve started working at Hasbro, I’ve learned a whole lot, met some cool people, and have enjoyed my time here immensely. There haven’t been too many challenges so far but if I had to pin point one specific one that I’ve found most challenging, it would be the commute. I live in Saugus Massachusetts which is an hour and a half drive from Hasbro, or 55 miles if you want to get technical. I get through it with music, podcasts, and the knowledge that I’m driving to work at Hasbro every day!

Some of you might be thinking “If you live so far away, why did you pick Hasbro for your internship?”. The answer to that question is simple, Its entirely worth it. Hasbro Has been at the top of my list of companies to work at ever since I started college. I’m passionate about model making so I instantly got drawn in after finding out about Hasbro’s amazing model making shop. Toys are another thing that I’m very interested in. How they are thought up, designed, prototyped, and tested. Mainly because I like learning what makes a good product successful and why, but also because I’m still a kid at heart that loves to play with toys.

Jonathan- Model Maker Co-op, Model Studio

Wentworth Institute of Technology