What a Summer | Internship at Hasbro

What a Summer!

What a summer! I have had such a great experience being an intern here at Hasbro. Where do I even begin? I chose Hasbro largely due to the special people I met during my interview. The Royalties team is filled with individuals who are brilliant, passionate, and fun. They really emphasized the positive work culture and that was something I was definitely looking forward to.

When the pandemic started, I remember being really nervous about the status of my internship. When I found out the internship would be 100% virtual, I was a little bummed that I wouldn’t be able to work with my team in person, but was also so grateful to even have the opportunity to learn virtually from my team. Reflecting back on these past few months, I can definitely say with confidence that my team has taught me so much, even while working remotely. The most beneficial part about being virtual was the structure of the day and working from the comfort of my home. It was definitely nice to have no commute to work! The most challenging part was probably onboarding while being virtual. I had a lot to learn and was nervous about getting oriented virtually, instead of in-person. However, my entire team was extremely adapting and helpful. They set up a welcoming meeting for me on my first day where everyone introduced themselves to me, which made me feel more connected with the team. They always made sure to check in on me and made sure I knew everything that was going on. One of the main difficulties I encountered while onboarding virtually was getting access to all the secure files and apps. My team and the IT department were very helpful, however, and I got access in a short amount of time and have had minimal technical difficulties since.

Overall, I loved my experience here at Hasbro. I grew both as a team member and leader. I was able to fine-tune my time management and organizational skills, while greatly expanding upon my knowledge in the financial world. It helped me decide that I am really interested in pursuing a career in the Royalty field. I was also able to (virtually) network with many other interns at Hasbro, which was great. The company set up weekly lunch sessions for the interns to connect and also sessions to meet with the leadership team which was an awesome way to connect with new people and learn so many new things. To make the most out of your internship, I would tell future incoming interns to be willing to work hard, have fun, and connect with others. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned from other people here, and I’m definitely glad I was able to network with so many different people. Hasbro is an extremely welcoming, inclusive, and thriving company, and I am so grateful to have completed my internship here these past few months!

Alex Vadaketh

Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia