What NERF Engineering is Really Like

Hasbro is always trying something new and different to keep a leg up on the competition. If you have any connection to NERF, then you know there’s a ton of new and exciting things happening. I’ve been lucky to have acquired a role in all of this, which has been equally fun and challenging. For the first three months I’ve spent hours and hours testing new designs with different teams, trying to nail down the best design for our products. Much of my time is spent compiling lots of impact data along with distance, velocity, and accuracy testing for new NERF products, as well as reviewing new blasters in various stages of development.

Since I am the only co-op for all of NERF, my plate is always full of things to do and people to help. I get to see everything new that goes on, and pick what I am most interested in to lend a hand. This could be anywhere from compiling data, to making prototypes, to communicating with our Hasbro Far East office, and even beyond what you can imagine happens at NERF. My favorite part of my job here at Hasbro is being able to see all the new products in different stages of development and learn about how long the process is to release a new blaster. Overall, I am grateful to have such an important role coming to work every day, and I’m excited to see the products I’m working on be released!

Matt Streibich- NERF Engineering Co-op

Northeastern University