Why Hasbro is a great fit for me |  Internship at Hasbro

Why Hasbro is a great fit for me

Being a chemical engineering major, I never thought I would have an opportunity to intern at Hasbro. But now, I am thrilled to say I get to contribute to what made my childhood so special. Hasbro is an excellent company to work at for anyone who is still a kid at heart and it is the perfect fit for me.

Growing up, I loved playing with toys and games. I was always pestering my parents for the newest ones, resulting in a massive collection back home. Even back then, I would often sit there and try to figure out all the intricate little details they had and what exactly made them so fun. This love of mine eventually inspired me to be who I am today. Now, in my free time, I make my own games for fun. My goal is to share with others the happiness of playing my games like the happiness the games I’ve played has given me. Hasbro is the perfect place to hone on the craft of making fun and interactive experiences for everyone. I am extremely excited to start my second co-op here and to be immersed in this environment, so I can learn as much as I can.

Creativity is one of Hasbro’s core values and that is so admirable in my eyes and I cannot wait to see it action. Everyone I have met here so far has really embodied that belief and puts everything they have into their work. This is also on top of the standard work experience which I am also excited to obtain. Learning how to conduct QA tests and chemical formulation is an extremely valuable skill for all industries. Chemistry is my second greatest passion so being in the chemistry lab working on PlayDoh and other toys is a dream come true. The combination of science and creativity here at Hasbro really encapsulates my values and that is why I feel Hasbro is a good fit for me.

Andrew, QA Chemistry Lab Co-op

Northeastern University