Why I chose to intern at Hasbro |  Internship at Hasbro

Why I chose to intern at Hasbro

Hasbro offered me a great opportunity for a Model Making Co-Op! Here I am putting all the skills and knowledge that I have learned from attending Wentworth Institute of Technology and applying them directly to my work. When working in the Model Shop, I am improving both my skill set and helping a designer’s and/or engineer’s ideas come to life. Hasbro’s internship/Co-op program definitely gives students the taste of the real world!

From conversing with former Co-op students, I knew that Hasbro would be a very friendly and inviting company to work for. Knowing that fellow employees are always willing to help you along in your learning experience is a big benefit!

Playing with Hasbro’s toys with my sister and parents created many wonderful memories during my childhood years that I will always cherish! I want to be able to help give today’s children those same experiences that I had. By working at Hasbro, I am able to assist in the design process of making a toy/game that will one day bring joy to a child and their family. That is very rewarding to me!.

Angela- Model Studio Co-op

Wentworth Institute of Technology